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The Changing Dress Code in the Workplace

Let’s face it; the dress code in Corporate America has taken a turn to the more casual today.  20 years ago, the corporate dress code was much more formal. There was casual Friday which allowed employees to come to work dressed in jeans and gym shoes.  Things like t-shirts and sundresses were not considered appropriate clothing for the office place. If offices decided to go with a more formal dress code, would it work in your favor?

Most technical professionals particularly individuals in incubator organizations or start-ups, relaxed their dress codes to encourage young adults to apply.  They want them to be comfortable.  It is not unusual to find programmers in shorts, t-shirts and sandals or to find copywriters in hectic advertising companies dressed in casual attire as their days are long and comfort is the priority over cuffed sleeves.

Usually wearing hoodie is indicative of young talent like programmer or coder.  Middle management or sales may be found wearing a zippered sweater with a button down underneath.  The look is still casual but offers a higher level of professionalism.

They spend money on their clothing and attire.  They shop at places like Columbia where they can get a great article of clothing for a decent price.  They can get their shoes there as well.  Depending on an individual’s preference, they may wear a nice pair of sneaker, loafers or leather kicks.  The clothing can work for all types of activities.  Many young adults commute through town using their skateboards or bikes so they require clothing that can pull moisture from their bodies but still be flexible enough for them to right or skate free from one point to another.

If you are transitioning from being a full time student to working in the workforce look at fleece jackets, bahama shirts, cargo pants and chinos. It works well in most environments and can easily work for a camping outing or just hanging with friends.  Most young adults dress to be warm, dry, protected and cool.  They love clothing that is durable and is at a price point that won’t break the bank.